What a superdad! Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro may be super busy being one of the most well-known bakers in the US, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for a little family vacation!

The 40-year-old took his wife, Lisa, and their four kids, Sofia, Marco, Carlo, and Buddy, to Disney World — and shared a plethora of sweet pics from their trip! Watch the video below to see Buddy's Instagram photos from their vaca!

Buddy and Lisa — who married in 2001 — welcomed their daughter, Sofia, in April 2003, son Buddy in September 2004, son Marco in February 2007, and son Carlo in February 2011. In a previous interview, Buddy gushed about being a father. "I am a busy guy. As busy as I am I still have a strong bond and relationship with my kids. I will take them when I travel. Sometimes it is too crazy places like South Africa, Asia, or Australia and enjoy that time with them," he shared with LifeofDad.com. "I was fishing with my son yesterday. It is why we do what we do. It is funny. I have a lot of accomplishments. I am not bragging, but I have done a lot of good stuff, but my biggest accomplishment is my kids and my family."

Buddy sadly lost his father when he was a teen, so he strives to be a great father-figure to for his four kids. "My dad was everything to me. I wanted to be that for my kids. The best moment was when my daughter was born. I remember her being born and I just cried like a baby. I thought of her whole life and what I wanted for her. I wanted to just be there for he," he confessed. "Then you see little bits of you or your wife or your dad in your kids. The expressions that they make or their attitudes or the way they look or the way they think. It is so amazing to me to be able to have it. At the end of the day I love it. My kids are my best friends. I have a special relationship with all of them." So sweet (pun intended)!