As if Buckingham Palace wasn’t ornate enough already, Queen Elizabeth‘s royal staff just decked the halls of her London residence with gorgeous Christmas decorations — and shared an awesome new video of the finished design on the official @TheRoyalFamily Instagram account! “Watch the Christmas trees arrive at Buckingham Palace🎄Every year, three trees are placed in the Marble Hall — and a garland is fixed along the grand staircase,” the special clip’s caption began.

“The custom of displaying Christmas trees was introduced to Britain in the late 18th [century] by Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III, although it was a yew tree rather than a fir that was used. The Christmas tree was popularized by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the nineteenth century. The Christmas trees standing today at Buckingham Palace were grown in Windsor, [England],” the caption concluded. Check out the decorations in the video below! 

The clip’s closed captioning also provided more info about how the royal staff trims the Queen’s home each December. “It’s officially Christmas at Buckingham Palace! The Christmas trees have arrived. The trees are grown in Windsor and delivered to Buckingham Palace at the start of December,” the text explained as a festive holiday song played in the background. “The trees are then fixed in place in Buckingham Palace’s Marble Hall. The trees are then decorated in royal style. A garland was also installed along the grand staircase. Happy Christmas, everyone!”

After watching the video, many of the Instagram account’s 4.1 million followers commented how pretty Buckingham Palace looks all decked out for the holidays. “I love this so much! I love the little royal-themed decorations,” one person wrote with another similarly commenting, “Absolutely beautiful!” Of course the royal family’s Christmas decorations are nothing short of perfect — we’d expect nothing less from the Queen!

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