Mayim Bialik may star on TV’s number one sitcom, but acting is hardly her only passion!

The Big Bang Theory star, who has a doctorate in neuroscience, is all about education and the importance of teaching students STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from a young age.

“There are a lot of careers that require a science background, even if you’re not working as a scientist per se,” Mayim tells iD magazine in an exclusive interview.

mayim bialik

Mayim with co-star Jim Parsons on “The Big Bang Theory”

“Given the economy, given rates of unemployment and what jobs are available, a tremendous amount of fast-growing careers require training in the STEM field.”

But the 38-year-old says these skills go beyond people’s professional lives. “I think it’s incredibly important to have well-rounded individuals as part of our society—people who can understand things such as math and science, even at a basic level,” says the former child star.

“People should know about the origins of the universe, even if they’re not scientists. We should have an intelligent country that is educated and that is knowledgeable about science.”

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While knowledge is power in Mayim’s eyes, where you get your information is just as important. “I think the Internet is a really incredible, world-altering thing, but can also be really dangerous,” she says.

The mom-of-two adds, “I try not to Google things, and whenever anyone calls me with any medical question—because I’m that person for a lot of people who know me—I encourage them not to Google things and not to let the public world of science speak to them specifically if it’s not made for them.”

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mayim bialik