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Binging Time: Your Guide to the Best Shows to Watch on Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, CBS and More

Need to check out from the reality of the world for a little bit? TV binge-watching could be the solution you’re looking for, and thanks to the various streaming services — Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, CBS All Access, Apple TV+, DC Universe and others — there is definitely no shortage of shows available. And we’re not talking about shows that began on the broadcast networks and are being rerun, but ones that have only been available via streaming.

What’s really interesting is the way that the tide has changed in terms of the perception of quality. Time was that carefully plotted storylines and nuanced characterizations were the things that movies were made of, while television was often dismissed as popcorn entertainment and considered disposable. And while broadcasting was improving, it took cable (HBO’s The Sopranos being a perfect example) and Netflix (starting with House of Cards) to start a revolution that has changed virtually everything.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin on 'Grace and Frankie'
Ali Goldstein/Netflix

High quality is now found through streaming television while movies have become all about sequels, franchises and pure escapism. Streaming gives us the opportunity to really dig into character and allow stories to take a more leisurely approach in terms of unfolding. And in case you need proof, we’ve created a guide to some of the most exciting series available through the various services.

Apple TV+


The beauty of it is that there are a lot of genres to choose from. Want to laugh? We’ve got show biz veterans like Jane FondaLily TomlinMichael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Prefer younger laugh-getters? There’s Kat Dennings, a (very) foul-mouthed Kaley Cuoco and Rachel Brosnahan. Maybe you’d prefer something more dramatic and, if that’s the case, check out shows starring Al PacinoJennifer Aniston (yes, we said dramatic), Anthony Mackie or Christine Baranski.

There’s also plenty of opportunity for escapism, though admittedly with an edge. We’ve got alternate histories (The Man in the High CastleFor All Mankind), sci-fi (The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Discovery), superheroes (The Boys), a post-apocalyptic landscape where teens struggle to survive against zombie-fied adults (Daybreak) and Stephen King (11.22.63).

But those are only the start. Just pick up the remote, cozy up with your loved ones and binge away!

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