Reporting for jury duty is never fun, but it can be a lot more interesting if the former POTUS shows up! Barack Obama was called to do his civic duty at the Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago on Wednesday, Nov. 8, and he showed up ready to take on the task!

“Fellow citizens thank you, thanks everybody for serving on the jury or at least being willing to” he joked as he entered the court, shaking hands and greeting his fellow jurors. Barack rolled up in a motorcade with several secret service agents, who continually informed people to stay seated and not reach for the president. Though, at one point he assured his agents that “it’s okay” that a woman wanted a handshake

Unfortunately, he was sent home on the first day, along with the rest of the panel he was assigned to, but he hasn’t been formally dismissed so there’s still a chance he could be on the jury. However, it is highly unlikely. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have both been called for jury duty in the past, but were not selected for their cases. It makes sense, the jury is supposed to be impartial and having a president on it would be a distraction and could unfairly influence the rest of the jury.

barack obama, getty

Though he’s not the first president that’s gotten jury duty, he was the highest-ranking official ever to serve in Chicago, and that made for a bit of mayhem. The security lines at the court were over-the-top according to NBC 5 reporter Lauren Petty, and court employees gathered at the entrance to catch a glimpse of the former POTUS, who was dressed down in a black suit with a white shirt and no tie. Just one of the people!