While former President Barack Obama was campaigning for Democratic congressional candidates in California last week, he told the funniest story about once having a not so happy trip to Disneyland — and the anecdote hilariously ended with him being kicked out of the theme park! 

“I went to Disneyland twice when I was younger. The first time was when I was 11 years old. Now there is no better time to go to Disneyland than when you’re 11 years old. I lived in Hawaii, so this was my first big trip to the mainland,” he shared. “I went and did all the Bare Necessity thing and the Small World, the Matterhorn. It was the bomb.”

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After having a great time with his family at the park as a little boy, the POTUS recalled that he decided to later return to Disneyland when he was an Occidental college student for a Kool & the Gang concert. After the concert, he said, “We went into the gondolas… I’m ashamed to say this, so close your ears, young people. But a few of us were smoking on the gondolas.”

Barack seemingly felt ashamed to admit that he used to be a smoker so he quickly added, “These were cigarettes, people. Terrible thing. They do. They kill you. I stopped.” 

Unfortunately, the park’s staff found him and his friends smoking and the group was quickly kicked out of Disneyland. “I was booted from the Magic Kingdom,” he revealed. “At the end, they said, ‘You’re going to have to leave, sir, for breaking the rules of the Magic Kingdom, but you are welcome to come back any time.'”

barack and his family. (photo credit: getty images)

Barack and his family. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Even though it was quite an embarassing story, the crowd appreciated Barack for his honesty and cheered him on while he was sharing his funny tale. Smoking is no longer a part of Barack’s life today so he shouldn’t have to worry about going to Disney with his wife, Michelle Obama, and their girls, Malia and Sasha Obama!