Antonio Banderas might be a successful actor, director, producer (and now potential fashion designer!) — but he’s still very capable of getting starstruck!

One star in particular, Taylor Swift, was even able to make the 54-year-old stud get a little emotional!

taylor swift

The pop star while performing in London.

“Taylor Swift was singing on the stage and I was sitting down at one table, having dinner,” he told ‘Heat’ Magazine of the first time he met the 24-year-old songstress. “And I had to go on stage to do a little speech, so she came down the stairs and saw me and said, ‘Oh, Antonio Banderas’ and I thought, ‘Wow, Taylor Swift knows me. That’s so cool.'”

“Then she looks as me and she says, ‘My grandmother loves your movies,’ and I said, ‘Great, thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you too.’ And I almost got tears in my eyes,” he continued.

So sweet!