Now this is a side of Anthony Hopkins we didn’t see in Westworld or The Silence of the Lambs! The actor recently tweeted a strange video of himself demonstrating “what happens when you’re all work and no play” that left fans both disconcerted and delighted.

So far, the video has been retweeted more than 77,000 times and liked more than 244,000 times. “With all due respect, Sir Anthony, that is the single most peculiar thing I’ve seen all day,” one person commented on the clip with another similarly adding, “I’m kinda scared, but also charmed.”

By the way, Anthony is dancing along to his own music in the video. Believe it or not, he’s not just an Academy Award-winning actor, he’s also a composer. The song in this video, “Hopkins: The Plaza,” comes from his 2012 album — the aptly-titled Composer — and is a live recording from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s 2011 performance of his original compositions.

“I just did it for the sheer fun of it,” Anthony told NPR of his work as a composer. “My wife, Stella, said [I] should take this and orchestrate it and get it performed by a major symphony orchestra. It took me about a year to put all the pieces together.”

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As it turns out, Anthony has been a musician ever since his mother bought him an old cottage piano for just a small amount of money. “She, of course, wanted me to be a concert pianist, and I had different plans,” he said. “I just wanted to be a composer; I became an actor by default, really. I got a scholarship to a college of music and drama, hoping to take a scholarship in music. But I ended up as an acting student, so I’ve stuck with that for the last 50-odd years.”

And what a career it’s been! In addition to the gigs mentioned above, Anthony is also famous for his roles in The Remains of the Day, Nixon, Amistad, and the Thor films. These days, he’s wrapping up work on the BBC’s small-screen adaptation of King Lear, co-starring Emma Thompson. “Life and destiny are very peculiar,” the thespian told NPR, reflecting on his career trajectory. And as Twitter users attest, his latest selfie video is pretty peculiar, too!