And they’re off! Well…almost. After a 48-hour delay due to bad weather, Prince Harry and his Walking With The Wounded team are on a plane to Antarctica to begin their race to the South Pole.

The Prince, along with his four team members, left Cape Town, South Africa this morning to begin adjusting to the harsh conditions they will experience south of the equator.

The 200 mile-long race, which includes teams from the U.S. and other parts of the commonwealth, begins on November 30 and is expected to take 21 days. Each day will be comprised of 12 hours spent skiing, with 10-minute breaks every two hours. It takes four hours to set up and take down the tents, so the Prince shouldn’t expect to get much sleep over the next month.

The race is organized through Walking With The Wounded, which raises money to help physically and mentally wounded military members find employment if their injuries prevent them from returning to the armed forces.

"These men and women have given their all in the cause of freedom, in our cause,” said Prince Harry of team members. “That they should once again step into the breach – this time facing down the extreme physical and mental challenges of trekking to the South Pole – just underlines their remarkable qualities."

The winning team should reach the South Pole by mid-December.