Talk about an unforgettable moment!

At the wold premiere of Angelina Jolie‘s new film, ‘Unbroken,’ Krystal Barter got the surprise of her life when she met — and hugged! — the Oscar-winning actress who inspired her to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

angelina jolie and krystal barter

Angelina and Krystal at the film premiere. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@UniversalPicsAU)

Barter, 30, has been dubbed “Australia’s Angelina Jolie” because of the similarities between her story and Angelina’s, as the star, 39, also underwent a double mastectomy in 2013 after learning she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

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“Angelina was absolutely humble and beautiful,” Barter said of her encounter with the actress and her husband, Brad Pitt, 50, at the Sydney premiere.

“It is a moment I will always cherish and remember,” she said, adding Angelina’s performance in ‘Unbroken’ is “incredible” and “Oscar-worthy.”

angelina jolie & brad pitt

Brad and Angelina arriving at the premiere. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@UniversalPicsAU)

The actress reportedly requested the company of Ms. Barter at the event after learning of her story and involvement with ‘Pink Hope,’ an organization that encourages women to learn about genetic testing for breast cancer.

“Angelina wanted to meet our founder Krystal at the #UnbrokenPremiere and what a moment it turned out to be,” the organization posted on their Instagram page alongside a photo of the mother-of-six embracing Barter.

Mail Online first reported this story.