Breastfeeding might still be a controversial topic, but actress Alyssa Milano will not stand for that. In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the Charmed star opened up about putting a stranger in her place while breastfeeding in public. We must say, we cannot stop laughing after hearing this story!

"I had someone tell me to go breastfeed in the bathroom once," Alyssa said at the NYC launch of her Touch by Alyssa Milano fall collection at Macy's in Herald Square. When asked how she responded, the mother-of-two shared, "I told her she should go eat in the bathroom!"

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In honor of #wbw2016. #normalizebreastfeeding.

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When it comes to receiving social media backlash over photos of herself in the act, the Mistresses alum shared, "I couldn't even tell you the meanest [comment she's ever received], because I deal with it every day. But, for every person that was against me being so vocal about breastfeeding, there were ten that were supportive of it — so that's what makes it worth it."

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Alyssa may be done having kids —as she's "going to be 45 this year and is very blessed with her two babies [Milo, 5, and Elizabella, 2]" — but that doesn't mean she'll stop speaking up. She explained, "I think the most important thing that women can do is realize that by breastfeeding in public and in front of people that they're actually making it easier for future women. And I don't just mean in a comfort-level way, but also, like — we don't see other women breastfeeding, and that is why when women have babies they have to bring in a lactation consultant, and someone has to teach you how to breastfeed."

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Go Kings Go! #TeamTouch

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"If we were in any other country, you would have seen your neighbor breastfeed, or the woman down the street and it's just normal. You get accustomed to what that means, to breastfeed. So, I think the best advice I can give any woman who maybe feels uncomfortable about it is that it's not really about that moment, it's about the future moments where you're giving someone else the strength to do it."

Alyssa's fall 2017 Touch by Alyssa Milano collection is now available via NFL Shop. "I'm a huge sports fan," she gushed. "Basically, I just got tired of going into stadium shops and not finding anything I would wear outside of the stadium. There are so many female sports fans, so I thought if I was looking for this, clearly, even if 25 percent of female sports fans were looking for something like this, then it would be a success."

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