These two seriously make us believe in love! During an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Alexander Jean bandmates Mark Ballas and BC Jean took us inside their relationship, both professionally and personally — and we cannot get over how adorable the married couple is!

“Honestly, for us it works. We enjoy working together and we both respect each other very much and it’s a great balancing act for us,” the Dancing With the Stars pro quipped. “We actually argue more or bicker when we’re apart so fortunate for us, the fact of being together a lot, spending time together, being creative together — it’s awesome for us. We really enjoy it and it takes our relationship to a whole new level.”

Mark’s beautiful wife, BC, chimed in with, “We bring out kind of the best [in each other] and need each other, because I’m really good at one side of things and Mark is really good at the other side of things, so together we kind of make the perfect team.”

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While they clearly have a great relationship in the professional department, the couple — who is rapidly approaching their one-year anniversary — revealed they haven’t had time for a honeymoon yet, and will be on tour with Lindsey Stirling when their special day comes. “I’m sure we’ll find somewhere to go for a nice dinner and do gifts, you know — do something nice. It may not be on the actual day, but we’ll find a night to go do something,” Mark gushed. “I can’t believe it’s already been a year! We’re literally a couple of weeks out. It feels like yesterday we were all stressed out, and also we were commuting because I was playing Frankie Valley in Jersey Boys on Broadway, so we had to go back and forth from NYC to LA to plan our wedding. I just remember how stressful this time was, but exciting! Time flies.”

As far as honeymoon plans, the songwriter revealed there hasn’t been much time to nail anything down. “We’re literally so tired by the end of the day that we’re like, ‘We should really talk about it,’ and then we’re like, ‘Let’s talk about it later,'” she shared. “It’ll be good after the tour to take a little moment for ourselves and see our family, hopefully have a little honeymoon if we can get it together sometime — then bust out EP No. 3 and get back on it.”

And that’s not all! While the time may not be right this second, Mark and BC hope to have a baby someday. “We talk about it all the time,” BC quipped. “We both have baby fever, but we’re also in crazy grind mode right now. We’re doing a lot of practice of not making a baby, but talking about it.”

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