Everyone can calm down now! Steven Tyler wants fans to know he's going to be just fine after canceling Aerosmith's South American tour despite the wild theories that have emerged about his health. “I give you all an A+ for creative speculations, but I certainly did not have a heart attack or a seizure (unless Joe Perry is taking a rippin’ lead)," he wrote in a Twitter statement. "Sorry to have cut the tour short, but I had to have a procedure that only my doc in the states could perform.”

Aerosmith fans were cryin' on Tuesday, Sept. 26 after learning about the cancellation — and they were even more concerned when the only explanation given was that Steven was dealing with some "unexpected medical issues." His original statement on Twitter was super vague while revealing the band wouldn't be able to make the stops in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico between Wednesday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 7 because he was "seeking immediate care" for his mysterious health issues. The 69-year-old said that he was "advised by his doctors that he cannot travel or perform at this time."

"I am not in life-threatening condition, but I need to deal with this right away," he said. "[I need] some medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain my future performances. I promise I'll be back." Steven definitely didn't waste any time, he said he flew directly back to the US after his São Paulo show to get the help he needs. Luckily, he has his stunning girlfriend (maybe fiancée?) Aimee Preston back home to take care of him. Plus, he can spend more time with his new grandson, Axton while he's healing up.

However, the Aerosmith rocker never wanted fans to worry. Right off the bat, the statement said that "Steven is expected to make a full recovery. With proper rest and treatment he will be back on his feet soon rocking the world." Steven further assured fans that he "loves you all and will be back with you soon."

Rushing back to the US automatically made fans think the worst, but it can actually be pretty hard to tell with Steven. He's very particular and even admitted that that personality trait has caused some issues with the band in the past, but that's how he likes it. In 2012, he revealed to 60 Minutes that "my perfectionism and my busting everyone's chops is what got this band to where it is today. In the end, I get a really good song and in the end, I get the hits. Yeah, I'm that good." It seems like whatever procedure Steven had, he's healing well. We hope he feels healthy and gets back to touring ASAP!