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Whatever Happened to the Cast From the Original ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Movie?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since A Nightmare on Elm Street first spooked audiences when it hit theaters on November 9, 1984. Over the years, we’ve seen the Wes Craven-created horror film launch a full-blown franchise — including nine movies in total, a TV series and various novels and comic books. So what is the cast up to now?

The original that launched it follows Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), a high school girl whose best friend is murdered in her sleep — or dream, more specifically — by a sweater-wearing man named Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). After this, she — along with boyfriend Glen Lantz (Johnny Depp) — are haunted by the burnt baddie. Also appearing is John Saxon as Nancy’s dad, Lt. Donald Thompson. It never won an Oscar, but it’s a true classic!

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Box Office Mojo reports that the slasher flick made $25.5 million and spawned six sequels between 1984 and 1994. Getting the tally up to the nine total also includes a crossover with the Friday the 13th franchise with 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason and a remake of the original in 2010. These big screen installments have ended up raking in $457 million. On top of that, who could forget the TV show, Freddy’s Nightmares, which ran for 44 episodes between 1988 and 1990?

“There was something about me that was always drawn to dreams,” Wes told The Front before the director-writer sadly passed away at age 76 on August 30, 2015. “I had nightmares when I was a kid. My parents had a contentious marriage, my father had a hair-trigger temper and then he died when I was 5. There was a lot of storm and drung. There was one germ that A Nightmare on Elm Street was based on — nightmares — and I was terrified to go back to sleep.”

Scroll down below to see what the stars from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 are up to now with our handy gallery and give it a rewatch!