Marilyn Vleck is proof it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

For Vleck, her life-long wish was to become a Girl Scout. And on her 81st birthday, that dream finally became a reality.

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“We were poor, we couldn’t afford the fee,” the woman’s sister, Donna Lahoda, told KMTV about Vleck’s inability to join the organization when she was a child.

So, for her sister’s birthday, Lahoda decided to contact the Girl Scouts of America to ask if they could provide her with a hand-me-down uniform.

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Instead, the organization did something even better — asked Vleck’s local Nebraska troop to accept her as a member!

girl scouts

Marilyn Vleck with her new Girl Scout troop. (Photo Credit: R/R)

“This is going to be the best troop ever,” Vleck proudly said after being inducted as a Daisy Scout.

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While she may be the oldest Daisy in Girl Scout history, Vleck says she has just as much spunk as any of her younger members.

“I’m proud to be one. Who gets to be 81 and gets to be a Girl Scout? Anything is possible,” she said of her experience.