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12 Actors You Had a Crush on in the ’80s Who Are Still Hot Today

They were the ’80s stars who defined their decade, gracing the cover of magazines while making all our hearts swoon with desire. Sure it was 30 years ago, but you’ll be surprised how little things have changed! From Tom Selleck to Richard Gere, see all the celebrities you had crush on in the ’80s — and still do today.

Richard, in particular, says he embraces being a “silver fox.”

“I have never dyed my hair in my life – and I am not going to start now,” he said in 2015. “I have had to darken it for a couple of films, such as Unfaithful. It perhaps knocks off five years, no more. But the moment filming is over, I just let it go grey again.”

The 68-year-old Pretty Woman star also doesn’t understand why other celebs are obsessed with reversing the signs of aging with plastic surgery.

“It is the same with facial surgery. Why bother with all that stuff?” he said. “I am not kept awake worrying about such things at five o’clock in the morning. I sometimes look around a room and think: ‘Okay, who is not afraid to go grey here? Who is happy to live with the way that they look?’”

He added, “I try to keep the weight off and stay fit and leave it at that.”

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