Building muscle and improving your balance has never been easier! Check out these hassle-free at-home workouts.

Lunges: “Lunges are one of the best exercises for improving leg strength and balance,” says Harvard Medical School. And there are many varieties, including the lateral lunge. Standing with your feet hip width apart, step out to the side, bend that step knee while keeping the other leg straight, then push back.

Squats: Mimicking the simple act of standing up from sitting in a chair, “squats are one of the best overall exercises,” says fitness expert Denise Austin. “They strengthen the major muscles of the lower body … and also protect our knees and our hips.” With arms extended, stand with your feet apart. Lower your hips and butt toward the floor until almost parallel to the thighs, then rise up.

Planks: Per the Cleveland Clinic: “Planks strengthen the core muscles that support your abdomen, spine and hips.” Lying on your stomach with elbows tucked in, push up on your arms while keeping your legs straight. Hold for five seconds before gradually lowering yourself down.

Pushups: “Pushups really are a full-body exercise,” says Peloton instructor Erik Jäger. “When performed correctly, pushups improve your posture and strengthen your core, chest, triceps and shoulders.” Starting in the plank position, keep your elbows close to your body and slowly lower your chest down as far as you can, then push up to a plank.

Superman: According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, “the superman is another core-strength exercise that can help strengthen your lower back.” Lying on your stomach, extend your arms, then lift them and your legs a few inches and hold for a moment — making you look like you’re flying à la Clark Kent’s alter-ego.