Being a celebrity isn’t always fun and games … just ask Marie Osmond! The “Paper Roses” songstress proved superstar status isn’t always peaches and cream while recalling the time she and her brother, Donny Osmond, received a death threat prior to performing in New York City one year.

“Donny and I were doing a Christmas show at Times Square and we had done a week or so there, whatever it was,” Marie, 60, explained during The Talk on Monday, November 11. “But we had a death threat right before the show and it was like … it was to me: ‘I’ve watched you several times and tonight is the night,'” the legendary entertainer recounted. Scary!

Duncan Bryceland/Shutterstock

Although the beloved brother-sister duo was nervous to hit the stage, Marie told her cohosts that she and Donny, 61, wouldn’t have canceled the show for anything. “Well, you know, you get crazy things like that. But we looked at each other and we said, ‘Let’s do this show,”‘ Marie remembered. “Nothing stops you, you’re incredible!” guest cohost Brigitte Nielsen said as the audience broke into applause.

Considering Donny and Marie weren’t going to cancel the show, they had to come up with a way to throw off any potential threats. “What we felt was to switch all of our positions — so if I was on the right, Donny would be on the right, and then the left, you know. Because if anybody got hurt—” Marie continued before being cut off by the audience.


“Yeah, everybody figured it out,” Sheryl Underwood joked to her. “They were, ‘Oh, so you gonna make Donny the target?” the cohost continued as Marie hilariously chimed in to say it was all Donny’s idea. LOL!

Although the death threat was mind-boggling for Marie’s costars and fans to comprehend, she then dished the craziest part of the entire story. “After the show, they went through and they found a big knife under one of the chairs,” Marie revealed. “And we go in the audience and do things. And we switched, [Donny] switched. So that prevented it.”

Since the crazy encounter, Marie has been sure to trust her gut. “You always want to be prayerful about those things and follow whatever it is that your intuition, or whatever you want to call it,” she said. “Crazy, right?”

We’re so happy Marie and Donny were alright!