Sugaring Factory, the largest sugar paste manufacturer in the U.S. Based in California, has advanced production facilities and offers a wide selection of unique, high-quality products, as well as large supply volume for the development of your business in the beauty industry.

Certified production and impeccable quality

The company has been operating in the U.S. since 2015. However, it began activity in Europe 10 years beforehand. For the first three years, the Sugaring Factory was located in Mountain View, and produced pastes there as well. Having gained experience of effective people on Olympus, the business owners decided to move the head office and production to Los Angeles for the purpose of further scaling.

Today, the company’s mission is to enable “newly minted” businesspeople and retailers to gain a foothold in the promising and profitable new beauty product: sugaring. Thanks to certified methods and author’s formulas for manufacturing products, a young entrepreneur will not have to worry about the quality and safety of their cosmetics. Sugaring Factory chemical labs have done that for them! Each ingredient in the paste is tested for harmlessness, both for the environment and for human health. All stages of production are carried out under the supervision of certified technologists. In addition, the company has taken care of allergy sufferers by developing a formula of hypoallergenic sugar pastes that will avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Uninterrupted fast delivery

The American manufacturer pays attention not only to the quality of the product itself, but also to the service. Sugaring Factory has timely delivery throughout the states, accompanied by all of the necessary documents and certificates. An absolute plus is the reliability and speed of deliveries, as well as the stable and impeccable condition of the product after it has endured a long journey. All risks regarding the quality of the goods and their supply are accounted for.

Delivery volumes

Sugaring Factory is the only manufacturer capable of producing incredibly huge volumes, about 34-35,000 pounds of product per day! This is an indicator not only of the scale of the company’s activities as a whole, but also the reliability of its production apparatus. After all, growth and scaling presuppose the availability of large resources to maintain ideal quality, while at the same time using new industrial technologies to increase volumes. The company is able to supply large retail and wholesale chains with goods. Excluding supply chain interruptions and quantitative restrictions, customers always receive the agreed upon volumes of pastes.

The price of pleasure

The manufacturer also offers its product at a fairly attractive price, which becomes even more feasible with wholesale purchases. Recently the company opened its head office in the center of Silicon Valley, which for customers means a total reduction in prices for the entire line of sugar pastes! In terms of the price-to-quality ratio, this is the most profitable and in-demand product in the field of sugaring, which will allow any entrepreneur, retailer or businessperson to save time and make money.

The company has been a manufacturer of sugaring for many well-known brands for many years, helping the brands save on expensive manufacturing and product certification, and providing them with pastes from experienced chemical technologists. The costs to brands are mainly relegated to the design and decoration of containers, containers for the product itself, and advertising and marketing. But at the same time, brands do not lose their name recognition or unique image, they continue to actively gain momentum in sales and develop in the beauty market.

Allow yourself and your inner entrepreneur to get a powerful start towards your future business with the help of Sugaring Factory. More than nineteen years of experience in the field of cosmetics production, as well as an established production chain, will allow you to conduct a long-term partnership on the most favorable terms for you and your business.

Article presented by Svetlana Khachiyan

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