In the digital age, where entrepreneurship and online business are reshaping the professional landscape, Tami White emerges as a pioneering force for women, especially mothers striving to balance business success with family life. As a public figure and entrepreneur, Tami has crafted an inspiring and practical narrative, demonstrating that success is achievable on one’s terms. Through her successful makeup brush brand and her leadership role at Change Mentor Hub, an e-commerce training and mentoring platform, Tami is changing the game for aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe.

A Journey of Empowerment and Innovation

Tami White on Building a Brand Around Motherhood:

“I want to show other women that we are capable of building successful business and brand whilst being a mum. I live a lifestyle where I can work around my daughter from anywhere in the world and get to enjoy every day with her without putting her into childcare.”

Tami’s path to success was paved with the determination not just to create a thriving business but to do so in a way that harmonizes with her role as a mother. Her venture into the beauty world with her makeup brush brand showcases her entrepreneurial acumen, while her involvement with Change Mentor Hub underlines her commitment to mentoring others.

Change Mentor Hub
Change Mentor Hub

Facing Challenges Head-On:

“Working around a newborn baby when you are tired, but choosing to put in the time because the rewards are I have built a life where I can choose anything I want to do that day and my business now ticks over in the background.”

Tami candidly shares the hurdles of juggling entrepreneurship with motherhood, emphasizing the importance of perseverance. Her success story is a testament to her resilience, facing down competitors and staying true to her brand’s positive ethos.

A Message of Determination and Growth:

“Building a real business takes time, patience and determination will get you through. If you have the passion to build something not just for yourself but your family then keep pushing and putting in the time and you will see the results.”

Tami’s wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs highlights the journey of building a business from the ground up. Her belief in the power of mindset for achieving success is a guiding light for others.

Vision for the Future:

“I would like to launch a makeup brand to go along with my makeup brush kit. I would like to see my products in every high street beauty business and used by influencers and celebrities.”

Tami’s aspirations reflect her ambition to expand her brand and continue empowering women and mothers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Tami White
Change Mentor Hub

Building Community and Financial Freedom:

“Our mentoring program teaches people how to create a life they love and achieve financial freedom. We have all the tools, resources, and expert knowledge for every aspect of building an online business.”

Change Mentor Hub is a leader for those seeking to enter the online business world, with Tami at the helm guiding members toward success and financial independence.

Tami White’s story is a powerful narrative of empowerment, innovation, and pursuing a fulfilling life that doesn’t compromise family values. Her work with Change Mentor Hub and her entrepreneurial ventures serve as a blueprint for women and mothers everywhere, proving that achieving a balance between professional success and personal happiness is within reach with the right mindset and support.

Connect with Tami White and learn more about her journey and Change Mentor Hub through her social media: Instagram.

Tami’s legacy is in the businesses she builds and the community she nurtures, inspiring a new generation of women to redefine what it means to be successful entrepreneurs and devoted mothers.


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