With the New Year underway, enthusiasts of craft and artisanal spirits will be happy to know they can lift their own spirits with a tour de force of premium and distinguished libations offered from the Brand House Group.  

Founded by Julious Grant, a renowned veteran of the beverage industry with more than thirty years of experience as a C-Suite executive at internationally recognized brands like Bacardi and Beam Suntory, Brand House Group offers a diverse and captivating portfolio of award-winning, global flavors where a tale is unraveled in every bottle.   

If tequila is your drink of choice, look no further than O’RTE Single Estate. A tribute to Mexican tradition and craftsmanship, O’RTE unveils a unique vintage-based approach to capture the essence of the diverse estates in Jalisco. Recently declared one of the must-try tequilas of 2023 by The Daily Meal, the 2021 vintages present an array of flavors, from the lively, peppery notes of O’RTE Blanco to the floral honey and vanilla whispers of O’RTE Reposado, culminating in the tropical saga of O’RTE Añejo, reminiscent of the warm sunsets that Jalisco is famous for.  

Next, venture north to the world famous vineyards of The Golden State with OMAGE California Artisanal Brandy, a harmonious blend of Californian grape varietals fashioned in the style of French cognac, but with variations to the distillation and barrel-aging processes to make this a 2024 crowd pleaser. OMAGE VS, VSOP, and XO expressions (aged two, four, and six years, respectively) offer brandy, cognac and even bourbon, scotch, and whiskey lovers a rich tapestry of flavors not commonly found in premium US brandies. Distinct fruity notes, a trace of oak, and a refined finish are what make OMAGE an exceptional choice whether entertaining or enjoying a night on the town.  

The Brand House takes whisky, gin and vodka enthusiasts across the Pacific into the land of the cherry blossoms with its ICONIC Spirits collection. AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin and TEITESSA Single-Grain Japanese Whisky offer a glimpse into Japan’s superlative craftsmanship. AWAYUKI’s infusion with Japan’s rare, flavorful strawberries and TEITESSA’s single-grain whiskies aged between 15 and 30 years showcase the country’s cultural richness. Add in HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka and its two fruit-infused expressions, HAIKEN Lychee and HAIKEN Yuzu, all of which were recently named the best new spirits of 2023 by InsideHook, and you have an exquisite lineup crafted from Japan’s pristine waters and rice fields, leaving enduring memories while savoring the delights of these exquisite offerings. Rounding out ICONIC’s collection are a duo of elegant, award-winning whiskies including BIKOKU Pure Malt and Shunka Shuto, a luxurious collection of four unique whiskies inspired by Japan’s four seasons.  

Grant’s mission in creating these brands was to merge his passion for creating wholly original artisanal spirits with his deep-rooted knowledge of consumer preferences. According to Grant, “From the outset, I aimed to introduce spirits that brought something fresh and unique to the market, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and traditions. Seeing these brands thrive, fueled by the warm reception from consumers in all regions of the country, has been a rewarding journey that underscores the demand for distinctive and authentic flavors. 2024 is going to be a big year for artisanal spirits and we look forward to blazing new trails with all the amazing brands we have in market.”  

Brand House Group’s spirits are available all over the United States in select wine and spirits retailers, restaurants and nightlife venues as well as on popular online platforms such as Wine.com and Drizly.com. Be sure to check out the ICONIC Spirits, OMAGE, and O’RTE websites for further inspiration and 2024 cocktail ideas.  


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