Jesse Metcalfe, famously known for his roles in Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die, has been in the news lately discussing a potential reboot and a sequel. However, his latest venture goes beyond the screen. He’s diving into the world of book promotion, teaming up with USA Today bestseller J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media. This collaboration aims to spotlight select books, boosting their visibility. It seems Metcalfe is channeling his star power into a realm that, much like his own ventures in acting, celebrates cherished narratives.

“I’ve always believed in the power of storytelling, and through this partnership with MindStir Media, I hope to help authors share their unique narratives with a broader audience,” Metcalfe stated in the news release.

This opportunity is especially enticing to independent authors who normally have a difficult time attracting big-name endorsements or blurbs. But, of course, Metcalfe will be selective in the books he chooses to endorse. J.J. Hebert, who is also the CEO of MindStir Media, confirmed via email that MindStir Media will present Metcalfe with vetted manuscripts to either approve or reject. Only when Metcalfe approves a manuscript will an endorsement be offered to the author. The Metcalfe endorsement will include a foreword written by the actor and a promotional video produced by him as well. MindStir Media plans to catapult the video onto YouTube, pushing it into the spotlight for thousands to view.

MindStir Media will also take charge of the entire publishing journey, covering everything from editing and book design to distribution, marketing, and public relations. As part of the Jesse Metcalfe package, bestseller J.J. Hebert plans to write a blurb for the back cover. MindStir will leverage its platform and use various marketing strategies for the books selected for this package to achieve their best on the charts. With Jesse Metcalfe and J.J. Hebert’s involvement, in conjunction with the impressive MindStir platform, the plan is to highlight indie authors’ books and bring them to the forefront of the crowded literary world.

J.J. Hebert
Photo Courtesy of J.J. Hebert

“When I was starting off as a novelist in 2009, I would’ve jumped at this opportunity to work with a Hollywood actor and USA Today bestseller to help gain recognition for my book,” said J.J. Hebert. “Whenever I launch a service through MindStir Media, I’m always trying to view it through the lens of an author. Will it grow the author’s brand? Will it drive sales? Will it change the game? These are a few questions I always ask myself.”

Hebert believes that this endorsement option from Jesse Metcalfe covers all those bases, and so does Metcalfe, who stated, “Outside of bringing selected books into the limelight, I think this will ultimately help book sales and set an author up for success going forward. Putting our stamp of approval on a book, especially after going through a selection process, shows that the book is high-quality and should be taken seriously. I’m also on the lookout for books that I can option and adapt for film…”

Metcalfe is no stranger to career-building in the entertainment industry. He crafted his career through grit and making the right connections. His standout role in Desperate Housewives, where he starred alongside Eva Longoria, set the stage for his lead role in John Tucker Must Die, marking his big break into major studio films with 20th Century Fox.

“Success snowballs,” said Metcalfe. “I couldn’t have landed my role in Desperate Housewives without the work and connections I made beforehand, and I couldn’t have been in John Tucker Must Die without the success of Desperate Housewives. For authors, the success of one book leads to the next and to the next. It’s very similar.”

This isn’t J.J. Hebert or MindStir Media’s first foray into celebrity marketing. Hebert and MindStir teamed up with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington in 2020 and laid the groundwork for other celebrities like Jesse Metcalfe to help promote books. Along with Harrington, Mariel Hemingway also works with MindStir Media and Hebert to elevate books through promotional efforts. These innovative marketing strategies spurred notable expansion for MindStir Media and its roster of authors, propelling the company into the spotlight on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-expanding private firms in the United States.

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