Being a lawyer is often regarded as a noble career, and many choose it to serve justice and assist clients in need. Lawyers, like everyone else, have personal lives and financial commitments. While the law is considered a business because of the inherent dualism in the practice of law and those who pursue it, legal businesses frequently operate differently.

Additionally, neither competing ideal guarantees the practicality essential for successful administration. Running a business effectively requires unique talents, encompassing knowledge, competence, experience, resilience, adaptability, creativity, leadership, and strategic thinking.

Holly J. Moore does not lack any of these qualities. Since she opened Moore Family Law Group in 2008, Moore has been determined not only to serve the law in California but also to succeed in business and empower clients who are emotionally vulnerable to the adversities of family law issues.

“At Moore Family Law Group, we’ve made a conscious choice to operate like a business in the legal world,” Moore explains. “We believe that this approach not only maximizes our efficiency but also allows us to provide our clients with the exceptional service they deserve.”

One strategy Moore Law Group uses is key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the company’s overall performance using quantitative criteria. While KPIs are not unique to her organization, her staff goes above and beyond regarding data collection and analysis. At law firms, these indicators often include tracking case success rates, client satisfaction, billable hours, and realization rates. These details are vital information, but Moore’s team goes above and beyond this.

“When you set clear goals and track your progress with KPIs, it’s basically like having a roadmap for success in the legal world. Results drive our team at Moore Family Law Group.”

In the legal world, quantifiable results are essential. However, Moore notes that most law firms traditionally do not measure the efficiency or quality of their services provided to clients. Additionally, lead analysis involving client acquisition cost, value, and referral sources is often overlooked and infrequently monitored. Moore Family Law Group tracks client acquisition and retention with an entire department and a designated client happiness specialist.

Another way law firms need critical thinking and financially sound, business-oriented ideas take place in the courtroom and client mediation settings. That might seem counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense with a little more thought. As a divorce lawyer, Holly J. Moore sees how clients in stressful situations make poor decisions.

“Even some of our more sophisticated clients kind of lose their minds and get emotional about the issues,” she says. “People need to think about their divorce case and their litigation strategy similarly to how they invest. All investments have risk, but certain data points say, ‘Yes, you will get a return on these efforts, or you’re not going to get a return on those efforts.’”

One example Moore gives happened once in court, where the couple started arguing about who would get their expensive, brand-name coffee machine. “I bill 600 bucks an hour, and, I think, the other attorney is 500 bucks an hour. If we’re talking about this for over two minutes, you’re already deep in the hole,” Moore says.

That’s the practical, platonic-law-loving attorney speaking about facts there. However, Moore also understands the emotions involved and sees clients’ feelings from that side.

“Of course, it’s really not about coffee. It’s about how she loved this machine. So in the bitter emotions of the moment, he’s saying, ‘I want it.’”

“Imagine if everyone approached divorce as an investment, considering where they could get the best returns. This mindset shift could help reduce unnecessary conflicts and drama during divorce proceedings,” Moore continued.

As with any business, experience and expertise matter in the legal field, according to the Moore Family Law Group’s website: “The combined experience among our senior paralegals and attorneys exceeds 50 years. Our attorneys have appeared at more than 10,000 family law hearings. We have helped more than 1,700 clients get the best results possible.”

Moore emphasizes this with merited pride in her team. “Running Moore Family Law Group like a business just makes sense. It’s about efficiency, transparency, and delivering top-notch service to our clients. We’re not just lawyers; we’re entrepreneurs in the legal field,” she says.

Holly J. Moore is a highly respected family law attorney with more than 15 years of experience in her own business. As the founder and CEO of Moore Family Law Group, she serves a diverse clientele. Her firm specializes in divorce and custody cases, where she boasts a proven history of securing favorable results through her legal expertise and unwavering client commitment.

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