If you often find yourself scrolling through pictures of celeb homes and wishing your house was just as glamorous, you could be in luck. There are some simple DIY projects that require basic skills and equipment but could make your home significantly more Instagrammable. Here are the best projects for giving your home some celeb style.

Build Some Beadboards

Beadboards add a touch of class to any home, and you don’t need to be a pro to install them. Follow these steps to keep it simple:

  • Choose which room you want to install the beadboards (kitchens and dining rooms work best)
  • Mark on the walls where the beadboards should go
  • Make sure the boards and walls are clean and dry
  • Apply a zigzag adhesive pattern to the back of the beadboards
  • Attach them to the walls

That’s all there is to it—a few minutes, a few cheap boards, and a completely transformed room!

Build a Fire Pit

Celeb Style
Jessica Johnston on Unsplash

A firepit can turn your yard into a cozy meeting place, giving you somewhere to chill with friends during those long summer nights. Simple metal firepits are cheap, but they don’t exactly exude quality. For that, you’ll need to make your own:

  • Dig a pit, choosing a spot away from the house/deck and trees
  • Fill with gravel to create a base
  • Make sure the base is level
  • Layer the stones/blocks around the edges of the pit
  • Line the inside of the pit with fire bricks
  • Add a layer of lava rocks
  • Enjoy!

Before you rush off to build your fire pit, make sure you’re clued up on outdoor fire safety and firepit use. They might be cool additions to your yard, but improper use sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year.

Switch out the Light Fixtures

Although small, light fixtures play a massive role in setting the tone for your home. LED lights scattered across the ceiling and running up the stairs could give your home a modern feel while antique fixtures and warm orange lights will give it a more vintage, homely vibe. Smart lights are a great option too, as you can set timers and change the colors with a single tap. They are also very easy to install, and if you’re itching to do some DIY, you can create your own lampshades or even buy some LED strips to brighten up your furniture.

Bathtub Tray

A bathtub tray is a simple board that sits across the middle of the bath. It turns bath time into personal time, as the board can hold a book/magazine, a glass of wine, candles, and even a phone/tablet playing relaxing music. What better way to feel like a celeb than to pamper yourself with a bubble bath and a glass of bubbly champagne?

A simple wooden board is all you need for this—keep it simple and call it rustic. Carve insets into the board to hold your glass/tablet/candles, add metal handles, and make sure it’s secure.

Organize the Entryway

What’s your entryway like? If you have a busy home with kids and pets running around, it’s probably cluttered with shoes, toys, coats, hats, and more. You’re not alone—it’s one of the most overlooked areas in the home.

It’s not a great first impression for guests you’re trying to impress, so tidy it up and glam it up. Use covered storage shelves and boxes to ensure that everything has a place, but it’s not constantly on show.

A great tip is to install sliding boxes up the wall. Just attach tracks to the wall and then slide boxes inside. Use wicker baskets or reclaimed crates to add a touch of vintage, rustic style.

Adorn Your Walls with Wood

Wood panels are a great way to spruce up any room. After using beadboards in your kitchen or dining room, consider adding some dark-colored wooden boards to other walls in the home, whether you’re jazzing up the garage or making the den a little cozier.

Summary: Celeb Style on a Budget

Most of us will never get the chance to own a grand villa in Lake Como or a Montecito mansion fit for royalty. But with some creativity and hard work, we can turn our own little abodes into something stylish and impressive; something that wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of a glossy magazine.


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