Everyone has at least one person who has influenced their lives by awakening their motivation and creating a complete turnaround in their careers and lives. In any case, thanks to other people’s influences, we have grown into the people we are today.

In the case of Marco Donatelli, the people he surrounds himself with are an essential factor both in his career and in his life.

Marco has many career callings. He is a famous influencer, model, fashion designer, and up-and-coming actor, in addition to studying chiropractic medicine. Being in the world of show business and various other industries, he realized how important people are in all fields.

“Everywhere we turn, there are people. You live with people. You work for them, work and cooperate with them. That’s why it’s important to make quality connections that will help you find your happiness in life one day,” says Marco.

For Marco, one person that had the most influence was his mother. She was his best friend and a driving force in his life until she, unfortunately, passed away due to the consequences of alcohol addiction. Although it was a significant loss for him, he did not let it become a brake.

“Everything I am today, I owe to her. She taught me to be a good person. To be good to other people. She taught me to respect everyone and that everyone’s heart has at least a little kindness,” Marco Donatelli explains.

That tragic loss of a loved one prompted Marco to do something for the community and people. Believing that many people are in the same or similar situation as his mother and that they need help and knowing what it’s like to lose a loved one right before your eyes, he came up with the idea of starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise much-needed awareness of prevention and protection from addiction.

Another person that is a key factor in his life is his father. Together, they made a TikTok video that turned Marco Donatelli into a viral sensation and social media star. Even though he retired from making TikToks, his father is a big supporter of anything that Marco does.

“Whatever you set your sights on, you need people that support you unconditionally. You can’t get anywhere in this world alone,” he says. “Life is riddled with obstacles and challenges, and if you don’t have anyone to lean on in those moments, there is a high chance that you’ll give up on your dream.”

With that in mind, Marco Donatelli carefully chooses the people that surround him. However, he does point out that he lost more than one friend after rising to fame, even though they had been friends for years. With some, he just grew apart, but with a few of them, he intentionally broke up the friendship because they made fun of him and his new dream.

Marco doesn’t regret it, believing it was meant to happen. He was never a person that liked to force any relationship that wasn’t mutually beneficial.

“People come and go. They play a role in your life, and they leave. It would be best if you respected that. They were there for a reason and a purpose, which begins to weaken over time,” explains Marco. “It can be painful watching them leave your life. But if you are there for them, and they are not there for you when you need them, it makes no sense to keep them around.”

Still, Marco points out that he is also grateful even to those who hindered him and did not support him. He does not hide that even today; he receives messages of praise from people who have held him back throughout his life.

“They write me about how proud they are of me. I don’t answer those messages. But I’m really grateful. Why? Well, they also helped me become the person I am today. Everyone that was in my life has played their role in shaping who I am, and I really appreciate that,” says Marco. “Still, if you make a wise choice and choose the right people, you will be one million steps closer to your goal and your dream.”

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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