Considering that it’s the second highest-rated comedy on TV, right behind the show that spawned it, The Big Bang Theory, it’s hardly surprising that CBS has decided to renew Young Sheldon for a third season. But unexpected is the extra vote of confidence coming in the form of  two year renewal that will keep the Coopers entertaining viewers for at least another 44 episodes.

Thom Sherman, Senior EVP of Programming, commented in a statement from the network, “The Coopers are portrayed by an amazing cast, and we are looking forward to having the gifted writing staff mine even more of Sheldon’s hilarious backstory and the warm family dynamic that has made this comedy a favorite with audiences for the past two seasons.”

Notes President, CBS Entertainment Kelly Kahl, “Thanks to Chuck Lorre’s and Steve Molaro’s outstanding creative leadership, Young Sheldon has been a powerful performer for the network with an audience that towers over most of the television landscape.”


Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

What’s been particularly interesting to watch this season on Young Sheldon is the way that the scripts and actor Iain Armitage have been slowly moving the character of Sheldon in the direction of the way audiences first got to know him with Jim Parsons in the part on Big Bang. There are physical moments, as well as his growing outraged response to different things that are causing viewers to say, “Ah, there he is!”

While fans are (sadly) counting down the episodes to the end of The Big Bang Theory, there have been rumblings of a second spinoff, though, at this point, little more than that. Still, over the past 12 seasons the show has come up with a solid ensemble of characters who actually could carry on in the absence of Jim Parsons (whose decision to leave marked the end of the show). Whatever happens, at least we know we’re getting a minimum of two more seasons of Young Sheldon.