At 87-years-old, supermodel Daphne Selfe knows a thing or two about working in the business — and isn’t afraid to share her opinions of budding models today!

In a candid new interview, the world’s oldest supermodel criticized modern runway stars for being far too thin and suggested young women need to have some better manners if they want to be successful.

daphne selfe

Daphne in 2012.

“Clothes definitely look better on a slimmer person, but you don’t have to be that slim. You just have to be a good posture and a good figure and just have a nice outlook. Positivity and curiosity come to mind. I don’t really like girls who have gaps between their legs,” she recently told Daily Mail Australia.

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Daphne’s modeling career first began when she entered a competition to be the cover girl of a local London magazine at age 20 in 1949. Since then, she has appeared in high-fashion publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

daphne selfe

Daphne in 2010.

Last year, she was officially awarded the Guinness World Record title for the world’s oldest working supermodel and subsequently appeared in ads for clothing company & Other Stories’ new design collaboration with footwear brand Vans.

As for what advice she would give aspiring models today? “Make sure you’re presentable and disciplined and able to be on time and be helpful to the photographers,” she said.

“A work ethic is the word. I don’t think people are brought up quite the same as we were. We were very strictly brought up in those days. I was brought up to have manners,” she added.