When she was a little girl, Barbara Beskind was told only men could work as engineers.

But Beskind’s determination to land her dream job as an inventor at a design firm has never faltered — and two years ago, the now 91-year-old’s wish came true.

“As a 10-year-old I wanted to be an inventor,” she said during a new interview with ‘The Today Show’ on Friday, Feb. 27. “I’ve arrived. But it took me about 80 years.”

barbara beskind

Beskind with her coworkers at the IDEO offices.

In 2013, Beskind read about the Silicon Valley, Calif. company IDEO and decided to apply for a job at the design firm, which is famous for designing the first computer mouse for Apple.

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“It took me about two months to write my resume, paring it down from nine pages,” she explained. “Then I wrote the letter and sent it by snail mail.”

Against all odds, she landed the job.

barbara beskind

Beskind walking to work.

One day per week, Beskind leaves the senior living facility she resides at and takes public transportation to work. She is so beloved by the rest of the staff that a company-wide email is regularly sent to alert her coworkers that she has arrived at the office.

“Everybody gives a hug,” she said. “IDEO is really my second family, and they’re very supportive. On Thursdays, I feel 30 years younger.”

Watch Beskind’s inspiring interview with ‘Today’ below.

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