From drab to totally fab!

This morning on Today, an unsuspecting fan, Annmarie Lance, received an unbelievable “Ambush “Makeover” — and left her friends and family totally speechless!

“I have never pampered myself before,” the 42-year-old said before her transformation. “I can’t wait! I’m excited.”

today makeover after

Annmarie’s ‘after’ photo!

After the makeover, Annmarie appeared back on the ‘Today’ set for the big reveal with a newly dyed, chic bob. She was also outfitted in a stylish black blouse and a stunning statement necklace!

“No way! Get outta here!” the New Jersey native exclaimed while holding back tears as she saw herself in the mirror for the first time.

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Her son, who was in the studio to see his mom’s drastic transformation, had only one thing to say about Annmarie’s new look, “Mind blown.”

Watch the video of Annmarie’s makeover below!

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