WATCHThe Cast of ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’ Reunites 44 Years After the Movie Premiered!

We've got the golden ticket — a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cast reunion!

Back in 1971, a group of very lucky children landed big-time roles in Willy Wonka — and after more than four decades apart, the iconic stars have finally gotten back together!

During their Today reunion , the cast — including Peter Ostrum (Charlie Bucket), Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt), Denise Nickerson (Violet Beauregarde), Paris Themmen (Mike Teevee), Michael Bollner (Augustus Gloop) and Rusty Goffe (an Oompa Loompa) — reflected on the flick's filming and shared fun, behind-the-scenes anecdotes. The best part? The group admitted they'd star in another Willy Wonka movie if they could!

Click through the gallery below to see the cast of the iconic film then and now!