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Today’s Willie Geist Enjoys New York Living! Tour His Westchester Home Outside of the City 

While Today has taken Willie Geist all over the world to interview superstar guests, his favorite place to be is at home! The broadcaster lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife, Christina Sharkey Geist, and their two children, Lucie and George. The pair have shared rare photos of their cozy home over the years. 

Willie often travels to Manhattan to film Today. Still, he enjoys making memories with his kiddos at his home away from the city. The Illinois native even has some famous neighbors, some of whom he’s gotten to interview over the years.

David Letterman was so cool. We live 10 to 15 miles away from each other and he goes to the same bait and tackle shop I go to in Westchester County, New York,” he told E! News in April 2021. “We knew he liked to go fly fishing so we asked if he would come stand in a stream with me and I was surprised when he said, ‘Yes, I’ll meet you in the stream. Let’s go talk.'”

Another reason why Willie loves his digs in Westchester is the fact that he’s just a short car ride away from his family 

“We’re lucky to be close to our families — Christina’s parents are in New Jersey and my parents are in Connecticut,” he told a Westchester-based blog in June 2019. “My sister and Christina’s three siblings are all close by. We usually don’t plan too much, and sometimes just go to Central Park or get together with family.”

The Geist family also loves spending the holidays at home. Willie has shared photos of his gorgeous Christmas tree each year and some of the Thanksgiving decorations around the house in the fall.

Well, it’s nice because we have a place to host it now in Westchester,” the Morning Joe anchor previously told Serendipity about celebrating Thanksgiving. “We have a big family. A lot of them live in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York City, so they’re all pretty close by. We throw the doors open, invite as many people as we can — we have a lot of pent-up hosting we haven’t been able to do, and we’re letting it all out now!”

Fans of Today have gotten to see Willie’s home as the backdrop of some of his virtual interviews amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The estate, previously owned by Stanley Tucci, is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom oasis that Willie and his family have absolutely fallen in love with.

Keep scrolling to see photos of Willie’s New York home.