Prince William and Kate Middleton showed their competitive sides on Friday when they raced each other around Auckland harbor in yachts as part of their official visit to New Zealand!

So, who came out victorious?

The Duchess crushed her hubby in the race, showing off some impressive sailing skills in the process. She even gave the Prince a triumphant salute as she passed him on the water!

kate middleton

Kate, who grew up sailing, teased William before hand, patting his back and telling him, “Take care!”

“Yeah, see you later,” he responded.

kate middleton

It must have been a sweet win for the Duchess who lost to the Duke in a Dragon Boat Race while touring Canada in 2011. This time, the duo steered 31-foot America’s Cup yachts.

“There are no friends on the water. No quarter given,” Grant Dalton, managing director of Emirates Team New Zealand, told reporters before the race. “I’m sure Prince William would not want to be beaten by his wife.”

kate middleton

Dean Barker, captain of New Zealand’s America’s Cup team, commented that it was nice to see the royal couple “are human and like to do all the things that we all like to do.”

As for Kate’s wardrobe, the gorgeous brunette recycled an outfit she had worn in October to play volleyball with a bunch of school children. Her look consisted of a white and navy-striped shirt by ME+EM, skinny navy jeans and a pair of wedges.

kate middleton

Kate throws around a volleyball in Oct. 2013