Young at heart! Willem Dafoe may be up there in age, but don’t say that to him, as he’s feeling pretty great these days.

The 64-year-old recently attended The Lighthouse premiere at Toronto International Film Festival and touched on the role he plays in the film — especially how it compares to his previous movies. “It’s hard to say. I mean the fact that he’s called ‘old,’ I don’t feel like I’m old,” the actor told Closer Weekly and other reporters at the event. “So I was kind of leaning into something that I don’t normally lean into because I feel like I’m … sometimes I feel like I’m a 22-year-old kid (laughs). So it was different in that respect but yeah, you know every role is different.”

Even though his character for the critically acclaimed film — which also stars Robert Pattinson — is an older man, a drastic transformation wasn’t needed. “I just used some fake teeth and I grew this long beard, that you know came out grey. Surprise, surprise,” the Oscar-nominee explained. “So yeah, every role is different for me.” Although, Willem’s latest role was also physically demanding.

Willem Dafoe
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“That was part of it and that was the pleasure of it,” the Hollywood star said. “It was a real adventure. It was demanding but without the nature, without the difficult circumstances, I don’t know that you can really make this movie. This could be made in the studio for example. We had to be out in the elements.” While he’s been making films since 1980, Willem is pretty happy with where he is in his life.

“Listen, I’m finding a wide range of interesting projects to do,” the A-lister explained. “I’m feeling very good. I enjoy the work that I’m doing. I’m getting to travel to interesting places. I’m learning things. Listen, this is a good period.”

William Dafoe

Willem has plenty of upcoming films, including a Disney movie titled Togo, which focuses on the true story of a a dog leading the iconic 1925 serum race after being considered too small and weak to do so. We can’t wait to see this!

Reporting by Diana Cooper