Martin Lawrence may be downplaying his unsteady appearance at the Bad Boys: Ride or Die premiere, but sources exclusively tell Closer there’s no getting around the fact he’s a shadow of his former self and pal Will Smith is the positive force that’s keeping him going.

“Martin’s had health issues, as everyone knows, but he’s got a brother from another mother in Will, who’s been a tower of strength for him all these years and keeps Martin under his wing,” the insider says. “Will’s always available when Martin has a problem or needs to talk and sort things through. If Martin needs advice on relationship[s] or kids, Will’s there.”

The insider adds that “Will’s looking after him and making sure he doesn’t fall down that slippery slope again.”

“It’s no secret Martin was overwhelmed by the cheering crowd at the Bad Boys: Ride or Die premiere, but Will was there to bolster him and calm him down,” the source says. “Will couldn’t imagine doing Bad Boys 4 with anyone else, and Martin feels the same way. There’s even talk of Bad Boys 5.”

Martin, 59, addressed the concern over his health during a June 4 appearance on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning.”

The Big Mommas House actor shared his shock at the fans during the Bad Boys premiere and compared the crowd size to “rock concert stuff.”

“I’m fine. I’m in God’s hands. I’m blessed, you know? I’m glad to be waking up every day. I’m all good. No need for people to be concerned,” Martin said. “I’m healthy as hell. Stop the rumors!”

The dynamic duo raved over the fourth installment of the franchise the epic June 7 premiere.

Will Smith Has Been Martin Lawrence’s ‘Tower of Strength’

“It’s a popcorn movie. It’s fun, it’s exciting. You laugh, you cheer, but really at the core of it, you’re laughing but it’s some powerful concepts in there,” the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, 55, told VIBE in May. “What [character] Mike [Lowerey] is struggling with, and how he makes his way out of that … I just love being able to touch on those concepts and ideas. [Like] Mental health and then connect it to spirituality, all in a way that’s fun, so it is not getting hit over the head … I love being able to do that in a summer blockbuster.”

Later in the interview, the men reflected on their decades-long friendship, revealing that “respect” and “love” have been their foundation.

“This dude… for 30 years, I’ve learned a lot from him. When I was young on the first Bad Boys … I dealt with people in a certain way. I was maybe standoffish or whatever,” Martin admitted, leading Will to remind his pal that he was “a little mean.”

“No, you said, ‘Your people skills is messed up,’” Martin replied to Will. “And he told me that, this was on the first Bad Boys. This resonated with me all throughout the Bad Boys we did … I’m so glad that I’ve grown in that way and he’s helped me in that way.”