In his new Facebook Watch series Bucket List, Will Smith takes on challenges and documents them on the social media platform in order to face his biggest fears. In the latest episode, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star dives deep into the waters of the Bahamas to swim with sharks! Will, 50, has a “debilitating” fear of sharks which he “blames” Jaws director Steven Spielberg for giving him.

“We’re in the Bahamas, and I’m about to do my bucket list: diving with sharks,” Will said while dressed head to toe in diving gear. However, the actor’s shark-diving experience didn’t necessarily go as planned. “When I came up with this bucket list idea, in my mind I was in a cage. I wasn’t, like, diving free [and] wide open with the sharks.” Take a look at Will facing his fears as he enters shark-infested waters below! 

After gearing up for his undersea exploration, Will and his friends were given instructions by experts about what to do and what not to do around the massive creatures. The group of pals then board a boat out to the ocean where they were immediately welcomed by over a dozen small lemon sharks surrounding them.

“I feel that there’s a part of me that has to,” the Suicide Squad star said, explaining the reasoning behind his bucket-list ideas — specifically this one. “I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever dreamed and the major thing that I’m still seeking is I know there’s more than that. And my fear of the unknown is keeping me from that divine wisdom. When you’re not afraid to die, you’re no longer afraid to live.”

Will Smith’s Bucket List/Facebook

If dozens of small sharks sound scary to you, you can probably imagine how fearful Will was when he was told he had to jump below the smaller sharks circling the top in order to get to the bottom. “I hate being scared. I hate it,” he unapologetically admitted. “My whole childhood was marked by debilitating fear. It’s like, you can’t be happy if you’re scared. I just don’t want to be scared of anything, and how you get over it is you confront the fear.”

The Aladdin star then just went for it. After some slight hesitation, Will looked super comfortable in the water! Not only did he touch the sharks several times, he even gently pushed some of them out of his way if they got too close to his face. “Nothing in life will ever feel like that,” Will gushed to the camera after his experience ended. “The reason you push the envelope is because the rest of life gets more enjoyable.”

We just love Will’s fearless outlook on life!