With just three days until their 16-episode reunion special hits our television screens, the Will & Grace cast — aka Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes — have revealed their top secret, pre-show rituals. Forget prayer circles and vocal warm-ups, because these guys like to do something a little more, er, risqué. In fact, it’s so raunchy that some of them were reluctant to even admit what it is.

"We do have one that we've always done," Eric told E! News at Will & Grace's panel at the TriBeCa TV Festival. "We can't share. It's very private. We've never told anyone."

But of course Megan — who’s just as outspoken as her on-screen, alter ego, Karen — wasn’t afraid to share. "We all have sex with each other," she teased. "Yeah, it's crazy… it's crazy great." Whether she’s joking or not, we’re not so sure.

Meanwhile, to further fuel the hype of the cult classic series returning after 11 years, Debra, Eric, Sean, and Megan joined forces to create some hilarious lyrics to pair with the show’s theme music during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“It’s more fun than you could ever know. Only show on NBC not set in Chicago,” Megan sings in one part of the tune, before Sean chimes in with, “just might be the best show in the whole universe, but it’s still on NBC so we can’t f–king curse.” Just when we thought we couldn’t love their twisted sense of humor any more…

This post was written by Gabriella Del Grande. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.