Since 2009, fans of General Hospital became familiar with actress Lexi Ainsworth, who portrayed the character of Kristina Davis. In 2023, she shockingly left the show and was replaced in the role by another soap opera star. Keep scrolling to find out why she exited the series.  

Why Did Lexi Ainsworth Leave ‘General Hospital’?

Lexi began portraying the role of Kristina when she was just a teenager. In 2011, the Oklahoma native took a brief hiatus from playing the character. She returned to the show in 2015 and continued to make appearances up until announcing her shocking departure from the series.

“Hey guys, I wanted to come on here and speak to my General Hospital fans and let you guys know that after 10 transformative years, both personally and for my character, that I will be leaving General Hospital,” the talented performer told her Instagram followers in May 2023. “I was looking forward to this upcoming storyline because it was inspired by a personal experience of mine, but I am currently working on writing my own story from my point of view which has been, thus far, cathartic and hopefully inspiring to other women.”  

Why Did Lexi Ainsworth Leave 'General Hospital'? Details
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Many of Lexi’s fans were saddened by the news and expressed themselves in the comments section.

“You are an amazing actress and will be sorely missed!” one fan wrote. 

One huge chapter of her life is closing but it’s clear that Lexi is excited for what’s to come in her career.  

“While General Hospital has remained a top priority, I have been interested in pursuing new career opportunities that align with my evolving interests and goals and I’m confident that this mutually beneficial decision will lead to new endeavors where I will continue to grow and expand my talents beyond the industry,” she continued. “But I do want to take a second to address the fans and express my deepest appreciation to you guys who have supported me over the years. Your loyalty has been a constant inspiration and I am forever grateful.”  

Who Replaced Her on ‘General Hospital’?

Fans who have loved seeing Kristina evolve on the show will still get to immerse themselves in her interesting storylines. Days of Our Lives alum Kate Mansi stepped into the role of Kristina. She made her General Hospital debut during an episode on May 24.