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Stanley Tucci Will Always Love His 1st Wife: Meet the Film Icon’s Late Spouse Kate

Stanley Tucci has experienced plenty of highs throughout his life. Thanks to his successful Hollywood career and his fulfilling role as a dad, the Hunger Games star couldn’t feel like a luckier man. He’s also endured his fair share of heartbreak, though, including the devasting loss of his first wife, Kate Tucci.

Stanley was married to his late spouse for 14 years. The Golden Globe winner fell in love with the former social worker in the early ’90s, and in 1995, they tied the knot. Five years later, they started their family when their kids, Nicolo and Isabel, arrived in 2000. Their youngest, Camilla, was born in 2002.

The Lovely Bones actor and his spouse were together for nearly a decade when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. During a conversation with CBS in January 2010, Stanley said even though his wife was given a heartbreaking prognosis, they “really believed that Kate wasn’t going to die … that she was one of those people that wasn’t going to die.”

Tragically, Kate died at age 47 in April 2009. Though losing his wife was one of the hardest things he’s experienced, Stanley said talking about the situation helped heal his broken heart.

“You have to talk about it; you’d go crazy if you didn’t,” he told the outlet. “But hard wouldn’t be the word. I mean, it’s still inconceivable, and probably always will be inconceivable to me, that she’s not here, or that I won’t see her again.”

The Devil Wears Prada alum opened up about the gut-wrenching loss during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in March 2021. Stanley echoed his somber sentiments, noting even though all this time has passed since Kate’s death, he still can’t believe his first love is gone.

“You never stop grieving,” Stanley candidly shared. “It’s still hard after 11 years … and it will always be hard.”

The Supernova actor said even though he has since found love with his second wife, Felicity Blunt, whom he married in 2012, it’s “still hard” to picture a life without Kate. Stanley revealed he felt guilty about moving on with the British literary agent so quickly, but he knows Kate wouldn’t want him to “wallow in that grief.”

“She would never want any of us to ever [let] it take over our lives,” he said during his appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. “She would never want that. She wasn’t like that.”

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