Since Ryan Seacrest broke up with ex-girlfriend Shayna Taylor, he’s been dating a new lucky lady who is making him feel alive again. Ryan and his mystery woman were recently spotted having a romantic date together in the South of France and, after weeks of wondering who she is, we have finally identified her as former America’s Next Top Model contestant Larissa Schot.

That’s right: Ryan, 44, and Larissa, 24, are officially an item and the two could barely keep their hands off each other their European vacation. At one point, the love birds exchanged a few kisses and Ryan adorably helped Larissa up a ladder by giving the brunette beauty a boost before he climbed up himself.

Ryan Seacrest

Given the fact that Ryan told his fans he was “available” two months after he and Shayna called it quits, it seems like the American Idol host doesn’t like to stay single for long.

“It’s over,” an insider previously revealed to The National Enquirer about the couple’s breakup after three years of dating. But that doesn’t mean that things have gotten sour between them. “They still love and care about each other,” another source shared to People shortly after the news went public. “It was an amicable split and they’re still really close.”

Sadly, Ryan and Shayna weren’t meant to be — but at least he’s found a new love with Larissa. They say the quickest way to heal a broken heart is to move on, and that’s exactly what the On Air with Ryan Seacrest host appears to be doing.

“I love the idea of marriage because my parents have been married for 47 years. The truth is I don’t want to screw it up,” he previously said on Live With Kelly and Ryan with Kelly Ripa. With Ryan still trying to figure things out in the love department, we hope he finds the right one to settle down with soon!