Cate Blanchett and Husband Andrew Upton Have Created a ‘Fantastic’ Life! Meet the Star’s Spouse

Cate Blanchett has established an Oscar and Golden Globe-winning career as an actress, producer and theatre director. By her side throughout all these years has been her husband, Andrew Upton, with whom she shares one beautiful marriage.

The Carol star and the Australian playwright have been married for more than 20 years, and in addition to their private relationship, the two have worked together throughout their careers. “It’s been a great creative partnership with my husband and also a great love affair. It’s been fantastic,” she gushed to E! News in 2015.

Cate and Andrew couldn’t imagine their lives without each other nowadays, but the Ocean’s Eight alum said they didn’t actually hit it off when they first met in 1996. In fact, Cate told Jay Leno: “He thought I was aloof and I thought he was arrogant.”

“We just didn’t really connect and we were going out with other people, who we’re still friends with and it was always an issue when the four of us went out that Andrew and I had something going on,” she recalled during an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2015.

However, that all changed when they were caught kissing during a celebrity game of poker shortly after, and according to The List, they were engaged three weeks later. The lovebirds wed the following year in December 1997 during a scenic wedding at Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia.

Following their nuptials, the two became the parents of their four kids — Dashiell, Roman, Ignatius and Edith. Since then, they have effortlessly balanced raising their children and juggling their Hollywood careers, but Cate dished parenting was a little tricky when she was in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic in May 2020.

“It was like we were in deep space and could not get off the spaceship. I was frightened someone was going to eat someone,” she joked on the “WTF With Marc Maron” podcast at the time. “Your children think you are so annoying and you think, ‘I am not that bad, am I?’ I am always crying. It was one of those where everyone storms off and then you forget it.”

Fortunately, she had some help from Andrew!

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