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Meredith Vieira’s Kids Make Her So Happy! Get to Know Her and Husband Richard’s Children

Family is everything to Meredith Vieira! Her three kids — Gabriel, Lily and Benjamin Cohen, whom she shares with husband Richard M. Cohen — are her greatest achievement, and Meredith wouldn’t want it any other way.

Meredith says being a mom to her kids made her appreciate everything her mother did for her as a little girl. “Once I became a mom myself; that all I really wanted to be was her,” a source previously told Closer Weekly. I was saying I don’t want to do that, I want to go out in the world and be a professional, or whatever the heck that is and once I became a mom I just wanted to emulate my mom and her values and what she instilled in her kids.”

Meredith became an empty nester once her kids left for college, but even though they’re not living with her anymore, she’s been reaching out to her children every day during the coronavirus pandemic. “It has reached the point, I was saying to a friend … [Lily will] call me or I’ll call her and say, ‘What’s new?’ And I’ll say, ‘Nothing, what’s new with you?’ And she says, ‘Nothing, OK bye!’ We no longer do all the little small talk, but we talk every single day,” Meredith gushed to Closer Weekly.

Unfortunately, Ben and his girlfriend contracted coronavirus and his mom has been doing everything she can to make him feel OK. “He never needed any hospitalization or anything like that,” she revealed. As far as Ben’s symptoms go, the TV personality said he was running a “fever,” but is now doing better.

When it comes to her middle child, Gabriel, Meredith is just happy he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Alli. Although they had to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic, the doting mom said she’s happy that they’re taking precaution. “They didn’t want it hanging over their [heads] and they didn’t want to put anybody else in danger,” she said. “I have to say, my kids have taken this very, very, very seriously.”

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