They Learned From the Best! Meet ‘Big Little Lies’ Star Laura Dern’s 2 Kids, Ellery and Jaya

Who are Laura Dern‘s kids, you ask? Well, the Big Little Lies star is a proud mom to her two children — Ellery, 18, and Jaya, 15 — from her previous relationship with Ben Harper.

After the two got married in 2005, they stayed together for eight years before getting divorced in 2013. Their split put a strain on everyone’s lives, including Laura, 52, who had to raise Ellery and Jaya all on her own.

“On good days, I am kind enough to remember that there are growing pains, and it is all overwhelming and not easy or always fun,” Laura told People of being a single mom. “On the hard days, it’s stressful and there is too much going on as a single parent — and it can be hard to carve out a minute for yourself.”

“I have never had anybody else bully me in my single parenting life,” she continued. “I am lucky to have champions around me, but I can definitely do it to myself.” However, there are some great parts about being a single mom. For instance, it taught Laura how to be more “ambitious.”

It’s all been an evolution for Laura. “The more I learn about my mistakes as a mother, the deeper I enjoy how fully I love my children,” she shared to InStyle. “Because I can let them know I really screw up sometimes. I hide from blame in a lot of areas in my life, but I’m trying not to do that as a mom.”

“This is the first time in my life that I am being ambitious because I am a single parent. Raising kids gave me enough street cred to feel like I deserved the right to make money,” she added. “This moment in my life is so sexy and freeing because I’ve had many relationships, I’ve had a marriage, I have my amazing children, so I’m not hiding who I am to get somebody who is willing to have kids or be married.”

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