Eugene Levy Goes to Bat for His Kids! Meet the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star’s Children: Dan and Sarah

Doting dad alert! Eugene Levy gets along with his kids, Daniel “Dan” Levy, 36, and Sarah Levy, 33, both on and off the screen. In a previous interview, the Schitt’s Creek actor revealed why he was so tough on his children growing up.

“It was a standard relationship,” Eugene, 73, told People. “Yes, I would ground him. The thing was for us if you crossed the line, there was going to be some sort of punishment. It’s the way I was brought up, and it’s the way I brought up my kids.”

Some people might disagree with the way Eugene raised his kids with wife Deborah Divine but, at the end of the day, he saw great results. “It worked!” the dad of two gushed. “Because honestly, we’ve never had a problem with our kids. It was fun as they got older, because then they’d start making us laugh. There were more times that Daniel had us laughing that I ever had anybody laughing.”

Instead of pushing their kids into acting, Eugene and Deborah decided it was best to raise Dan and Sarah away from the spotlight. That way, they could have a more normal upbringing and decide which career path was best for them.

“There’s something about raising kids in a showbiz-y kind of environment that’s a little scary,” the American Pie star explained. “Toronto is just a very normal town. They could grow up with all options open to them of what they wanted to do. We didn’t want them to be locked into show business. Of course the irony is they both went into acting — and now we’re all on a show together.”

The show that Eugene is referring to is Schitt’s Creek. He has worked alongside his children for the beloved sitcom’s  entire run and they were all been nominated for a 2020 SAG Award. When the event came around, Eugene walked the red carpet with his children by his side and he later gave a speech with Dan.

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