Ree Drummond’s Beautiful Life: Take a Tour Inside the ‘Pioneer Woman’ Star’s Oklahoma Ranch

Ree Drummond lives a beautiful life in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, with her longtime husband, Ladd Drummond, and their family. The beloved Pioneer Woman star put down roots in the rural country town decades ago and has been living life in an immaculate ranch home ever since.

The American blogger often gives fans glimpses inside her gorgeous estate, as she’s always sharing photos while cooking in her kitchen or hanging out with her hubby and their children, Alex, Paige, Bryce, Todd and foster son Jamar. The TV star’s digs are so impressive, their property even features multiple guest homes, including The Lodge.

Because Ree’s husband is a fourth-generation member of a prominent Osage County cattle ranching family, the couple’s land has a barn, stables for horses and other animals, large open fields for their family to run around in and much more. Their property even boasts a creek, a pond and landscaping.

As for the doting mom, she also runs her massive empire out of her residence. While you can usually catch Ree filming her Food Network show from the comfort of her kitchen in The Lodge, her digs are also fitted with a second private kitchen and other living areas.

When you have a dwelling as beautiful as the Pioneer Woman Cooks author, you wouldn’t want to leave it either! In fact, Ree once revealed she misses her husband, kids, their handful of dogs and especially their humble abode when she’s traveling the country for her Hollywood career.

“Whenever I’m away from home, though, even if it’s just for a few days, I get homesick,” she once wrote in a blog post on her website. In order to cure her sadness, Ree said she finds herself “flipping through the photos on my phone so I can get a little dose of home.” Aww!

Ree’s home is filled with love and laughter thanks to her big family, which also includes her nephews Stuart Smith and Caleb Drummond. Stuart has appeared on his aunt’s TV show and he also helps film her cooking segments at home. Caleb, on the other hand, is a firefighter.

Tragically, Caleb, as well as Ree’s husband, Ladd, were involved in a vehicle collision just outside their ranch on March 10. According to a report from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Ladd and Caleb were each driving firetrucks while responding to one of the many fires that have been burned more than 200 acres surrounding the Drummond family farm, the New York Post reported.

After the firetrucks collided “head-on” due to “high winds on a gravel road,” the report stated, Caleb was taken to the hospital in critical condition. As for Ladd, he “refused treatment at the scene.”

We’re sending our prayers to the Drummond family!

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