It’s been two weeks since Kensington Palace announced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, and royal fans are still buzzing with excitement over the news! But now that everyone is looking forward to Meghan and Harry‘s wedding — which is set to take place in Spring 2018 — fans got a chance to take a look back at Harry and Meghan’s love story, from their childhoods to now with TLC’s documentary When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Engagement. But the TV special also featured an exclusive, never-before-seen interview with Meghan’s estranged half-sister Samantha Grant, and she revealed two shocking details about her relationship with her half-sister.

First, Samantha fondly reflected on her half-sister’s birth, which happened shortly after Samantha’s father Thomas Markle met Meghan’s mother Roslyn Markle. Samantha — who is 17 years older than Meghan — gushed over her little sister and said that even throughout her childhood, Meghan was always prim and proper which are the perfect personality traits for a royal-in-training.

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Later in the documentary, Samantha finally addressed the controversial interview in The Sun, where she was quoted as allegedly saying that Meghan is a “shallow social climber.” Samantha denied that she ever said such a thing about her sister and she opened up about how that report affected her relationship with her half-sister.

“I never said those words. The truth is I never said any such thing. [There is] no tape, no recording, nothing in the world to suggest that it was [me],” Samantha said, holding back tears. “It created a divide between Meghan and I…I was just hurt.”

It’s unclear whether the sisters were able to work through their issues, but Samantha did imply that as of right now, she is not invited to the royal wedding. “I can’t imagine how anyone would anticipate a normal, traditional, royal wedding. I mean they’d probably be watching across the lawn for the Markles to approach — ‘Oh, good God, they’re coming! Close the curtains! Hide!’” she said, joking about the media frenzy that would happen if her family did show up. “It’s just so silly. We’re so normal. And yes, I would love to go, but we have no idea what’s going to happen.”

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