Well, that seems like quite the way to go! Royal fans have been wondering what will happen when the Queen dies, especially because Queen Elizabeth will soon celebrate her 92nd birthday!

As previously reported, Buckingham Palace allegedly already planned her funeral — and she isn’t even dead yet. The craziest part? It even has a nickname: “Operation London Bridge.” First and foremost, once she passes away, her son Prince Charles will immediately be considered King of England (next in line after him is his son Prince William). No big deal, he’s only been waiting 68 years for this moment. His wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will stand by her husband’s side just like Prince Philip was Elizabeth’s right hand man for the past six decades.

Soon after, Elizabeth’s coffin — which will contain crown jewels sealed with a “false lid”— will be transported to the Buckingham Palace throne room. In the meantime, word of her death would have already spread, so flags would be put at half mass, events would be canceled, and other royal families would come pay their respects.

The following day Charles will officially be sworn in as a King. Three days after that (we guess Charles needs time to take in the new title?), Elizabeth will be transported in a procession to Westminster Hall and kept there for four more days.

And then finally, it’s time for her funeral. The crown jewels that were in the coffin are removed and cleaned and then the coffin is brought to Westminster Abbey for prayer. She will lastly be transported by carriage to Windsor Castle and put in the royal vault inside. We’re not worried yet, though. We know the Queen isn’t going anywhere!

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