HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott introduced viewers to their older brother, J.D. Scott, on several of their shows over the years. The third Property Brother has faced challenges in his personal life, battling an illness while balancing his career on television. Scroll below for details on what happened to J.D. and where he is now.

What Happened to J.D. Scott?

J.D., short for James Daniel, was born in 1976, two years before twins Drew and Jonathan. The Scott brothers grew up in Canada and were bit by the entertainment bug as teens. Both Drew and J.D. dreamed of being actors, while Jonathan was passionate about becoming a professional magician. 

Eventually, the twins began purchasing real estate and flipping and selling homes during college, deciding to focus on it full-time in the early 2000s. Their first series, Property Brothers, began airing on W Network in Canada and in the U.S. on HGTV in early 2011. The show birthed several spinoffs, including Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers at Home, Buying and Selling and more. 

HGTV Star J.D. Scott’s Home: Photos of His Las Vegas House
Courtesy of Annalee Belle/Instagram

Drew and Jonathan turned to J.D. to assist with some of their projects due to his handy work and also provide comedic relief on the set of their shows. He has hosted behind-the-scenes coverage of Brother vs. Brother for HGTV’s website and served as a referee on the show when things between his brothers got tense. The Karma Inc. actor had his own home renovated during a 2019 episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home

“I’m starting to tear up,” J.D. said after seeing the final result of the home makeover during the episode. “It doesn’t seem like the same place. It seems like we wandered into someone else’s house.”

Though he was always smiling each time he was on camera, J.D. was facing serious health issues in his personal life. In July 2019, the TV personality opened up about the illness that he had been battling for more than a year. After experiencing countless new symptoms, attending doctor visits, getting scans and tests and taking medicines, J.D.’s sickness was still a mystery. 

“Anything over 69 to 70 degrees, I would suddenly feel like my skin is on fire, I’d start passing out and I’d be out of commission for sometimes days,” he said in an Instagram video at the time explaining his health battle. 

He continued, “There was a pretty severe infection, and, of course, you don’t know how long that’s been there. But he said that it’s possible it’s been there for quite a while, that that would have been setting off all these responses.”

Where Is J.D. Scott Now?

In September 2019, J.D. got some clarity from doctors about his ongoing health battle. He announced on Instagram that he had been diagnosed with acute mercury poisoning. 

“My levels are so high the health department got involved,” the All-American Amusement Parks host told his followers. “We don’t know at this point how it happened, but I am being treated for it and that would explain some of the issues I’ve been having as well.” 

After receiving his diagnosis, J.D. married his wife, Annalee Belle, on Halloween in 2019. He gave an update on his condition just a few days after the nuptials. 

“The last few days I feel almost back to normal, and it’s been amazing,” the newlywed gushed to Hollywood Life in November 2019. “It’s been so long since I felt good, and like myself. I’m really getting close.” 

J.D. continues to make regular appearances on Drew and Jonathan’s shows and often posts hilarious skits on his Instagram page. He is now a doting uncle to Drew’s son, Parker James, whom he welcomed with his wife, Linda Phan, in May 2022.