Season 3 of Fixer Upper saw so many iconic home renovations, including the inviting and chic “Chicken House.” Chip and Joanna Gaines left their mark on the ‘40s ranch property, which was given the memorable nickname due to the chicken coop in the backyard. Keep scrolling for updates on the house and its owners today. 

What Happened to the ‘Chicken House’ From ‘Fixer Upper’? 

Chip and Joanna tackled the project for Cody and Katie Messerall, an adorable couple looking for the perfect family home. The pair lived in Houston for 10 years before deciding to move to Waco, Texas, to raise their kids, Hayden and Ellie. The proximity of the property to Magnolia Market and Baylor University was a huge plus for the pair. 

The home improvement experts decided to paint the exterior of the house gray to freshen it up and also added a stone-in chimney. Chip and Joanna extended the front porch to offer a place for Cody and Katie to sit comfortably. 

What Happened to Fixer Upper’s ‘Chicken House’? Updates
Courtesy of Cody Messerall/Instagram

As for the interior, Joanna decided to add pops of yellow decor throughout the living room, including throw pillows, blankets and vases of flowers. With all of the changes the mom of five made throughout the home, she still wanted to preserve Cody and Katie’s classic design aesthetic. 

“Chip and I loved working with this sweet couple to design and build them the home of their dreams!” Joanna reflected on the Magnolia blog in March 2016. “They loved it, and, as always, we hope they’re happy here for years to come.”

Who Currently Owns the ‘Chicken House’ From ‘Fixer Upper’? 

While many of the properties featured on Fixer Upper have been sold over the years, Cody and Katie still own the “Chicken House.” The pair are currently renting the property on Airbnb. According to the listing, the home is still their “primary residence.”

As for the chickens that made their memorable debut during the episode, they are still living in the coop in the backyard. 

“We do need to note that we have three chickens in our backyard,” the listing reads. “During your stay, they will be locked in their coop and out of your way. … If for some reason they ‘escape’, don’t worry, they are extremely friendly and docile and go back into the coop to roost on their own at night. They won’t run away.”