One of the most memorable makeovers on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer happened during the season 1 episode titled “The Horse Farmhouse” in April 2021. The project marked Jonathan Knight’s biggest renovation yet for clients Corine Barone and Michael Cognata. Scroll below to find out what happened to the pair after the show. 

What Happened to Corine Barone and Michael Cognata From ‘Farmhouse Fixer’? 

At the start of the episode, Corine and Michael shared that they were both passionate about horses and how they tended to the animals living on the farm. Jonathan already had a special connection to the Ipswich, Massachusetts, property because he rode horses there as a kid. 

What Happened to Farmhouse Fixer’s Corine, Michael? Updates
Courtesy of HGTV

He was excited to show some love to the house on the farm, which hadn’t been renovated for many years. The real estate investor and his costar Kristina Crestin planned to update several features of the historic space with more modern elements. 

“This house has just been not loved for so long, and now you have trees growing in your gutters,” the New Kids on the Block member pointed out to his clients.

As they walked through each room, Corine and Michael explained that they wanted Jonathan and Kristina to bring a European feel to the estate. Making the house more inviting certainly took a lot of work. Utilizing all of the space throughout the home remained Jonathan’s top priority throughout the project. He wanted to make sure all of the rooms flowed together instead of being closed off by brick walls.

Jonathan did face a set of challenges during the renovation process. Once he ripped the walls out of the kitchen, he realized all of the wood in the foundation was completely rotted from water damage. The singer made sure that the home was structurally sound by installing new walls.

It came as no surprise that the final result was absolutely stunning. Corine and Michael were blown away by all of the unique design touches added to the residence.

“The results were spectacular, preserving the old farmhouse feel and style while giving the house new life and energy,” the couple wrote on their website after their time on the show.

Where Are Corine Barone and Michael Cognata Now?

After appearing on Farmhouse Fixer, Corine and Michael decided to open up the property for special events, including weddings, corporate events, family reunions and more. The classic farmhouse is also available to rent for overnight stays.