During its five seasons on HGTV, Fixer Upper introduced viewers to memorable Waco, Texas-based artisans who helped Chip and Joanna Gaines with their projects. The couple often turned to designer Dustin Anderson for all of their glass installation needs. Scroll below to find out what happened to him after the show. 

What Happened to Dustin Anderson From ‘Fixer Upper’? 

Dustin began working for his family’s glass business, Anderson Glass, in his early 20s. The Texas native took over the business in 2014 after his father sold him his stake in the company. His partnership with Chip and Joanna blossomed years before Fixer Upper aired on television. 

Dustin became the couple’s preferred glass installer by chance. He got a phone call one day to come look at windows on a house that the home renovators were flipping. The glass company Chip and Joanna initially hired never showed up. Luckily, Dustin had room in his schedule that day to stop by the house and form a great bond with the beloved duo. 

What Happened to Dustin Anderson From ‘Fixer Upper’? 
Courtesy of Dustin Anderson/Instagram

Since appearing on Fixer Upper throughout its five seasons, Dustin has become a local Waco celebrity. Still, the business owner remained humble after finding fame on television and gave a special shout-out to those who worked on the show with him. 

“It’s a bunch of cool people. There’s a ton of people behind the scenes that you never see, including from my company. There’s guys that show up on a Saturday and get things ready for a Monday because that’s the deadline,” he shared during a March 2017 interview with Gary Leland. “The same thing happens with the production crew. There’s a ton of behind-the-scenes people that make that show what it is and then you’ve got the cool aspect obviously of the artisans and the talented group of people that are on the show, including Chip and Joanna.”

Where Is Dustin Anderson Now? 

In addition to continuing the legacy of Anderson Glass, Dustin formed his own design company, D1 Design Group, creating logos and designing spaces for Division I sports programs. The Fixer Upper alum also became a spokesperson for Glass.com, an informational resource for all kinds of glass products. 

Even though Fixer Upper’s first iteration wrapped in 2018, Dustin still has a good relationship with Chip and Joanna. In April 2021, he shared a selfie with Joanna on Instagram to celebrate her birthday and mark 14 years of working together. A year later, the dad of three took to Twitter to show off an incredible portrait he made of Chip, whom he referred to as his “buddy.”